Business lady bag. How to make a 100% right choice

Accessories play a crucial role in any image. It's no secret that in building a successful career it is important to know all the secrets of the professional dress code and be able to use it. Bags in the business image play a crucial role.

We select a bag for shoes: how to do it right?

By default, it is considered that the bags must be selected for shoes. However, not all modern designers are ready to agree with this trend. But also the ratio of bags to shoes is still relevant, it is important to say how to choose the right handbag for shoes.

Fashionable women's bags for autumn 2017

A favorite accessory, without which there can not exist any wardrobe of a modern female representative, is a handbag. It is she who can complete and emphasize the chosen image, while being functional and in style. She can tell a lot more about her owner than make-up and hairstyle, so you need to take your choice seriously, it's important that the bag is not only practical, but also fashionable. This fall, the trend in two directions: classic style and bright, colorful colors.

What is fashionable this fall of 2017

Autumn sneaks up completely unnoticed, and the question arises what to dress warmly, but so that the outfit looked elegant and evoked admiration or even envy of others.