How to choose an Italian bag?

   Since ancient times, Italian fashion is considered an icon of style. Therefore, every Italian thing is very popular, both among women and men. Italian bags - this is not just an ordinary accessory, it is the main element of a stylish image. Many women in the wardrobe have neither one nor even two handbags from well-known manufacturers. To have a lot of bags is not a whim, it is a compulsory action, since for every onion, day, street or business bow is needed a new bag. Therefore, in the wardrobe of each woman there are at least five bags.

Stylish red bag: how to choose, what to wear

 A handbag is one of the most important women's accessories. Where to put all the necessary stuff? Well, of course, in a purse! The bag for every day should be a bridge, and at the same time it should not resemble an economic avosca.

How to choose a practical bag for every day?

   For a modern woman, the bag means much more than a regular accessory. Thanks to her, at any time and anywhere, many useful little things are at hand. Sometimes men are joking that a woman with a bag will not disappear even on a desert island. And in this joke there is a lot of truth.

How to collect a suitcase on vacation?

  It's only at first glance that it seems very easy to make a suitcase. But five new dresses, several pairs of sandals, and warm clothes must be dumped into it, and suddenly it gets colder.