Clutch or mini bag. How to choose?

Klatch became one of the elements of style and image. Clutch is a mini-purse, which should be in the wardrobe of any girl. The clutch is a stylish accessory that is worn on the hand. This type of handbag can be used not only in special cases, but also for a stylish business image at work. Because of the small size, a phone, money, keys, scarf and mini-cosmetics, such as lipstick or powder, can fit in such a bag. To complement the image and great style, you need to choose the right accessory. First of all, the clutch is selected for the chosen clothes and style. 

What are the advantages of eco-bags?

A handy compact bag that you can take out of your handbag at any time and fill with products or other unexpected purchases is an incredible invention. It can be confirmed by any girl or woman.

What types of skin are there?

Types of skin - let's figure it out!

The type of skin can be different depending on the properties of animal skins. Some skins have minor flaws and almost do not need pigmentation, greasing or staining to achieve the necessary qualities for the manufacture of leather jackets and other products. Basically, this type of skin is the most expensive, while skins with a lot of flaws need more careful processing.

Sports bags for modern women

For the beautiful half of humanity leading manufacturers, create bright and fashionable sports bags. After all, sport has become an integral part of every person's life.

Season in Detail

"Pay special attention to accessories," designers of fashion houses recommend. Belts, gloves, scarves, and, no doubt, bags.