How to choose a suitcase or a travel bag

You travel for three seas or to your relatives in a neighboring city, without a suitcase or a travel bag, you can not do almost any trip. To keep things running from point A to point B, your "road companion" should be high-quality, withstand impacts and not miss the water. However, do not forget about yourself: from the convenience of cargo transportation, the impression of travel and even feeling of well-being depend on. So let's choose!

Suitcase or travel bag?
Suitcase - the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about travel.

In the suitcase there is one undeniable advantage: even if it is not filled with 100%, everything that lies inside is kept intact, without deformation and damage. Agree, this is important, especially if the cargo travels separately, in the luggage compartment.

But the advantage is a natural disadvantage: it does not matter how many things you put in a suitcase, it will occupy a certain amount.

Suitcases are rigid and semi-rigid. With the first type everything is clear, the second one needs an explanation.

Some manufacturers only rigid side walls, and the upper one - soft, which allows within reasonable limits to overload the suitcase if necessary. For this purpose, wall-expansion valves are usually made using lightning bolts.

Travel bags are usually soft, but there are models with a rigid bottom and a wheelbase.

The volume of the travel bag changes in proportion to its loading, which allows you to save space in the car trunk or more convenient to place cargo on shelves / luggage compartments.

In many road bags, in addition to a pair of handles, there is also a shoulder strap, which makes it easy to move it to a short distance. There are models of bags with an additional handle for transportation in a vertical position.

A set of bags or suitcases is an excellent solution for the family, because in a crowd of people it is more convenient to identify their "own" in color.

Another special solution is baby suitcases: vivid models of the original shape, with cartoon characters on the lid. Baby models are made strong, but fairly light, on wheels, with legs and a stylus to push a child to handle his luggage on his own.

Useful advice: travel bags and suitcases are better used for carrying things, they are uncomfortable and difficult to carry in their hands. If a significant part of the road needs to be walked, buy a backpack: a uniform load on the back is less injurious to the body.

The dimensions of a suitcase or a travel bag are determined primarily by the needs of their owner.

However, air travelers who do not wish to part with the cargo during the flight should take into account the requirements of airlines to the dimensions allowed for carriage in the cabin of the luggage.

These requirements may vary slightly depending on the carrier and the class of service (in the business class, sometimes you can take a hand luggage of a slightly larger size), in any case, before departure, you should carefully examine the information in order not to overpay for additional luggage or registration at the airport.

Handles and wheels
Although most of the way, bags and travel bags travel in cars, trains and planes, those tens or hundreds of meters when they need to carry us, can spoil not only the impression of travel, but also health.

Great way out - buy a model on wheels!

Most suitcases and models of travel bags are equipped with wheels for transporting even pavements and indoors.

The number of wheels varies, but the minimum equipment - two wheels.

Two wheels are a convenient solution, since the wheels are often concealed in the housing, so they are less broken when loaded / unloaded. But carrying such a suitcase or bag is harder - some effort is needed to maintain equilibrium.

The four-wheel bag or suitcase is more stable and allows less effort when transporting.

When choosing a model, pay attention to the size of the wheels: the larger they are, the easier it will be to carry the goods on the street - from the entrance to the car, from the parking lot to the entrance to the station, etc.

The returning wheels provide better maneuverability, but they, along with the mount, protrude beyond the casing, so the risk of breaking them up.

Small-sized suitcases are often fitted with a sophisticated handle. This is a very convenient option: you need to carry luggage - the handle decomposes (pushes), a suitcase or a suitcase to carry - hides.

On the handle in the folded position you can also fix the bag for a laptop or photo bag (provided they have a special loop). It is better if the handle is made of two tubes, spaced at a distance of 15 and more centimeters.

Modern suitcases and travel bags are made mainly of artificial materials.

However, for premium-segment products, still in progress is genuine leather. Not always practical, but it looks expensive. With proper care it will last a long time, and beautiful attributes will be issued by the owner for the former traveler.

Skin substitutes are used less often, as a rule, in a low-cost segment.

Suitcases made of plastic are light and durable, well-kept, their surface can be decorated with stickers (it will be easier to find their belongings on the tape of the freight transporter at the airport).

The surface of the plastic suitcase can be glossy: it's beautiful, but not practical, and to preserve a presentable appearance, it is advisable to pack a suitcase in a film during flights. On the textured surface less visible scratches, but it is more difficult to remove dirt from it.

Choosing a plastic suitcase is better to give preference to a well-known company, because the durability of the product depends on the quality of the materials. Firms of the third echelon, which lure a low price, often save on using more subtle and fragile grades of plastic.

Polyester - the most common material for the outer shell. A distant relative of amber makes suitcases and travel bags handy in operation, since polyester fabrics do not lose their quality when the moisture is continuously exposed to the surface, they have high abrasion resistance and retain color.

Nylon exceeds polyester by mechanical and chemical properties, the fabrics out of it get stronger and withstand the effects of high temperatures, seawater, not afraid of oils. This material practically does not wet and dries quickly, which is important on the road.

In the manufacture of suitcases and travel bags, other types of fabrics are used, including such that they were subjected to additional processing, impregnation, etc.

When choosing a suitcase or a travel bag made of nylon or polyester pay attention to the density of tissue, which is measured in den (pronounced "den", ladies know perfectly this unit of measurement due to stockings). The bigger the figure, the stronger the fabric.

Another important element of many suitcases and travel bags is the lightning bolt. There is no unanimous opinion about the superiority of the materials of the teeth and the runner. Someone prefers metal, someone is plastic. Reliability depends on the manufacturer and the raw material used.

If possible, the "secret" lightning should be preferred, whose teeth almost completely close the fabric valve - this design will better protect things from wetting.

Saving things
Life's wisdom says that things can not be left without supervision, but it's far from always possible to realize this right approach.

Of course, the contents of a suitcase or a travel bag can be in the hands of the intruders along with the "container," but this is an extreme case, often unscrupulous loaders are keen on gaining on your things simply by opening a zip lock or fastener. To make it more difficult for thieves to access suitcases and travel bags, they are often equipped with locks.

Code locks are the most common. Typically, it's three or four drums with numbers that code.

A good tool, but not ideal - for a forgetful attempt to pick the right combination can easily end with the decision to break the lock and damage the design, but get things.

An alternative (though less commonplace) option is a lock with a key. The key loss is equivalent to forgetting the code, and, given the size of the keys, it's easy to do.

Even if the manufacturer has not equipped the suitcase or bag with security equipment, you can always make access to things more difficult. Enough to wrap the case in several layers of packaging (also called "stretch") of the film, adding to the loyalty of the tape. As a bonus, this method provides some protection against scratches / cuts and protects against contamination, often found during transportation in cargo compartments.

Useful advice: suitcases of even the most durable construction (with the exception of specially developed cases) are not intended to transport things that are struggling and fragile items, including computer and photographic equipment in luggage compartments. Always take a similar load into a hand luggage.

In most suitcases and travel bags one large inner volume and a few extra pockets.

When packing things, it is better to use an extra package - from simple polyethylene bags to special cases and a cupboard, for example, for toiletries, shoes, business shirts and ties. This will prevent the "whack" of things during transportation and will not spoil them on the road.

Have fun traveling!