Fashionable women's bags for autumn 2017

A favorite accessory, without which there can not exist any wardrobe of a modern female representative, is a handbag. It is she who can complete and emphasize the chosen image, while being functional and in style. She can tell a lot more about her owner than make-up and hairstyle, so you need to take your choice seriously, it's important that the bag is not only practical, but also fashionable. This fall, the trend in two directions: classic style and bright, colorful colors.

The trends of the autumn of 2017 are such models as bag bag, elegantly complementing the image, while having a simple look. Bags of small sizes in the form of a barrette, having a strap that is worn on the wrist, will give an unforgettable style to the image. Also for the autumn of this year it is preferable to buy a shopping bag, it is convenient to go shopping with it and at the same time have a unique image. In the trend there will be a rich on the decor with a rigid base, a handbag minodier. The most fashionable autumn this year will be bags that harmonize with the tone of clothes, which will continue the image and emphasize the taste of its owner. Clutches will remain relevant, especially fashionable ones, leather, fur, fabric and lacquered. The hit of the season will be bags in the shape of animals, food, caskets and other forms. This choice is suitable for those who prefer bold, original solutions. Cold autumn is very relevant to complement the image of a bag of fur or fur inserts. Delicate elegance for any image will also give bags of geometric shapes. The most expensive, but trendy bags remain from the skin of an alligator.

The color palette of this season is free of restrictions, but only classic white and black, designers have been removed from fashion, giving preference to bright saturated tones. Also will be pleased with the abundance of prints, which include geometric patterns, ornaments in the form of flowers and abstractions. The hit of this autumn was drawings and appliqués of animals, cartoon characters and comic books, but such bags only fit young girls.

Buying a handbag, it is desirable to take into account their habits and desires, lifestyle and preferences. A large selection of original stylistic solutions is impressive. In this regard, it is necessary to take the choice of an accessory with responsibility, since it must be in harmony with the image.