Nubuk: what the material is, what is different from suede, how to clean and care

Products made of natural materials, do not lose popularity and always out of time. They are qualitative, durable, solid. In any wardrobe there is definitely a minimum of one leather, suede or nubuck thing. About the last detail. What is the material of nubuck and how practical is it in everyday use?

Nubuck - is a natural veal skin of a special stamina with a pleasant to the touch with a shallow surface. The main advantage - an attractive appearance, looks like suede. If you purchased a product from Nubuck, you will not have to regret it.
Nubuk: what the material
The skin of young calves has been used since ancient times, but only recently the technology of processing with the help of abrasive materials has become commonplace. As a result, rough and lint-free material took one of the leading places in the light industry.
From Nubuck let out:
o Shoes - all-season male, female, and children's;
o purses and bags - stylish and modern;
o fashion accessories - belts, hats, jewelry;
o Clothing - the most common Nubuck jackets and vests;
o furniture - used to cover upholstered leather furniture.
Types and features
Nubuk, like all natural materials, has its own "artificial" and less expensive double. Both natural and artificial variants have their pluses and minuses. In addition, there is a third compromise solution.
o Natural. Good, light, breathable, durable, well preserves warmth.
o Artificial Externally very similar to natural, good, wear-resistant, waterproof, affordable price.
o Nubuk-oil. This is a genuine leather, which has a special impregnation with a protection against soaking, which allows you to wear it in any weather. To the touch is fat and moist. The most expensive of three.
Nubuck will serve for a long time under proper conditions of care for him.
What is different from suede?
Nubuck and suede - related materials. They are so similar that they can be mistaken for each other. What is different from suede nubuck?
o Nubuk. More reliable, durable and not prone to stretching, as it is done from the outer part of the wave skin.
o Zamsha Fixation of the inner part of the skin, so it is characterized by characteristic elasticity, softness, it is very stretching and short-lived. For these reasons, suede rarely sew shoes, and sellers mistakenly issue a nubuck for a carded cloth. A nice gentle material in gloves, jackets jackets, and other accessories.
The most common way of restoring suede is ordinary pairs. The method is suitable for nubuck. Need to hold a nubuck product over a tank with boiling water (a maximum of one and a half minutes), and then dry and brush to smooth the pile.
How to clean nubuck products
2 safe ways
Independent restoration of Nubuck is a simple matter. Even when it comes to greasy stains. After analyzing reviews, two methods can be distinguished.
1. Manna grains. To clean the groomed places on a jacket, in a bag, wallets or belts from a nubuck, try to apply manna groats. Rub it in greasy areas. To get the result you will need a few fresh portions of the jacket.
2. Talc or starch. In a similar way, try to get rid of stains with talc or starch. Apply for a couple of hours, and then brush the remaining powder with a brush.
If these methods did not help, then the greasy stain can be removed with purified gasoline. Wash them a piece of cloth or cotton wool and gently wipe the mark. Well pressed sponge several times to clean the area.
Allowable washing
Can you wash nubuck? If it comes to natural material - categorically no. Even washing such products is usually contraindicated. The material does not tolerate water, it may become rough, inelastic and unusable for future use. Therefore, wet cleaning can only be used in exceptional cases. Act neatly in five steps.
1. Spoon a tablespoon of ammonia in a liter of warm water.
2. Hover in the solution a flannel cloth or a soft sponge, carefully remove it.
3. Carefully clean the places of contamination.
4. After drying, clean with a rubber brush.
5. Cover with impregnation or paint, repellent water.
Features of competent storage
The ideal option for proper storage of products from nubuck is an ordinary cardboard box. It needs to be put in a dry place, away from heating devices and sources of moisture. Contained polyethylene bags as a repository. In them, the nubuck will get an unpleasant smell. The following tips will help you prepare a bag for storage.
o Bag. Must be stored in a box freely, without any pressure. Otherwise, it will lose its shape and it will be impossible to restore it. All the removable parts must be inserted inside the bag itself, preliminarily leveling and fixing it in the desired position to avoid deformation.
Knowing how to care for a nubuck in your home will prevent you from turning to dry cleaning services. At regular and high-quality care of things from Nubuck will last at least two or three seasons. In addition, nubuck and suede have a "memory", so the products from these materials will long remain their original form.