We select a bag for shoes: how to do it right?

By default, it is considered that the bags must be selected for shoes. However, not all modern designers are ready to agree with this trend. But also the ratio of bags to shoes is still relevant, it is important to say how to choose the right handbag for shoes.

In order not to make your image too boring, it is important to diversify the material from which the handbag and shoes are made. Much more effective will look a combination of suede and leather than a handbag and boots of the same texture.

It is important to pay attention to the fact that if you choose a bag with a bright print, you should choose one-tone shoes, because Shoes with the same print will look comical, but with another print - too motley.

Not bad will look and shoes of the same color with a handbag, but it's a good idea to combine glossy and matte materials that perfectly match with each other and create an elegant image.

When choosing a bag for shoes, you should also pay attention to the style of these accessories. If the footwear refers to the sporting style, then you should choose sports bags, in the case if we are talking about an elegant handbag-clutch, then the sneakers are unlikely to become those shoes that can not spoil the image. It is important to remember: the combination of the two styles is unacceptable!

Also, it is not superfluous to pay attention to the shape of the bag. If the footwear involves a trip to the office, it is better to choose bags of strict geometric shape. If the shoes are chosen for a party or some festive event, the handbag should be small and preferably rounded.

It is not necessary to combine shoes and bags in tone, but there is a rule that you can not combine cold colors with warm colors. This will look inharmonious.

Thus, choosing a bag for shoes is one of the most important components of any image, so it is so important to make sure that the shoes and handbag are harmoniously combined, creating an elegant and unforgettable image.