How to choose a men's wallet?

An accessory such as a wallet remains relevant. In addition to bills, you can also store cards, discount coupons, business cards and other useful little things in it. Given the active use of this accessory, it becomes clear that over time it wears out and loses its attractiveness and presentability. Knowing how to choose a wallet, you can purchase a really good copy, which will please with its external and functional indicators.

Trends in the autumn-winter 2019/2020 season

In the fall / winter 2019 season, the rules for restrained tones were broken. Designers presented models of various tones, yellow, purple, green. Fundamentally new options look stylish, fashionable colors of bags are proof of this. Autumn, winter will not be boring, because this season bright colors dominate. Many brands have taken the focus on classic colors, of which burgundy, black, white took pride of place.